1. Car Camping Policy. In order to reduce congestion in the camping areas, Suwannee Hulaween has limited the number of cars entering the campgrounds by implementing a Car Camping Pass. There is no limit to the number of guests that can camp with each car, just a limit on the number of cars allowed into the campgrounds. There will be a limited amount of Primitive Car Camping Passes available at the box office for purchase. GA and VIP guests who do not wish to pay for a Car Camping Pass can park their car in the outer lots for FREE and ride an extensive shuttle service system to the campground. 

2. No Vehicle Re-entry into Venue Thursday & Friday. Starting Thursday at 8am, there will be no re-entry for vehicles into the venue and camping areas until Saturday at 8am. This is due to the high volume of people entering the festival during these days. If you must leave the park with your vehicle during these hours, you will have to park in the outer lot by the box office once you return. There will be Walmart shuttles picking up at the Green ticket booth. Look for the "SHUTTLE" signage. Find out about the hours here.  

3. Box Office Operation Information. The Box Office is located at the Front Gate and will open Sunday, October 22nd, 2016 at 10am and will remain open 24 hours a day until the Monday following the festival at 8am. For more information on our box office please contact the park (386) 364-1683. In order to arrive early, you must have a Thursday Pre-Party Pass. 

4. Early Arrivals + Thursday Pre-Party. If you plan to arrive earlier than Thursday,  you must have a Thursday Pre-Party Pass and you must pay an additional fee depending on what day you come at the box office. If you still need to buy a Thursday Pre-Party Pass,  there will be a limited amount for sale at the box office.

5. No Pet Policy. Folks, please take this seriously. We love dogs and all pets but for the safety of the public and the animals, the park has implemented rules regarding dogs. Please follow these guidelines if you have a SERVICE ANIMAL. Otherwise, please leave the animals at home. Please review the official Pet Policy of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park here. Be advised that a $200 Pet Registration Fee will apply. All pets and service animals must be registered and must show proof of current rabies vaccination.

6. Beware of Prohibited items. Make sure you know what to leave at home this weekend by checking out our prohibited items list right here!

7. Be Aware of your Chairs. If you plan to bring chairs into the concert venue, we ask that you be respectful where you place them. This is to ensure everyone has room to see their favorite acts. Chairs will be permitted behind a specifically marked line in the meadow behind the soundboard. At the Amphitheater, please keep them behind Lake road.  

8. No Totems Past the Soundboard. We are thankful for the creativity of our #HulaweenFL fans. We request that if you make a totem or "rage stick" that you keep it behind the soundboards at all stages. Thank you for respecting your fellow #HulaCrew.  All totem should be made of something light – use PVC pipe or similar, no wood or metal allowed.

9. New Map & Park Updates. Check out the updated festival map and familiarize yourself with Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. We changed the location of The Patch Stage to increase viewing area, reduce congestion and provide better acoustics by taking advantage of the natural slope of a gentle hill. The Spirit Lake Trail connects The Patch to the Spirit Lake area and is much improved from 2016. You will not have to leave and re-enter the festival area this year when you make that walk, saving time and hassle.

To address an increased demand for car camping pass, the Spirit of the Suwannee worked hard to open up new areas of the park to primitive camping. Besides improved camping on the existing footprint, the park added a wonderful new parking and primitive camping area called The Airstrip. The Airstrip lies just beyond the 80 acres, a short walk from The Patch and Meadow Stage.

10. Donate for Limited Edition Posters. Suwannee Hulaween, The Suwannee Music Foundation and Conscious Alliance are proud to host our inaugural food drive to support the Love Inc. Food Bank in Live Oak, FL! The first 600 patrons to donate 20 non-perishable food items or a suggested monetary donation to the Food Drive will receive a limited edition festival poster by artist Nic Bogdal. The Conscious Alliance booth will open Friday at 10AM.  

11. No Fire Spinning Unless Authorized by Fire Marshall. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS. The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and Suwannee Hulaween will be closely monitoring and shutting down any unauthorized fire spinning during Hulaween. The only people authorized to spin fire will be credentialed festival performers and they will be wristbanded by the Suwannee County Fire Marshall. Anyone spinning fire without a wristband in an unauthorized area will be told to leave the park. JUST DON'T DO IT!

12. Bags will be checked, EMPTY Camelbacks are allowed. All bags, purses and containers will be searched when entering the music areas. Empty water bottles and Camelbacks are fine to bring in. No glass will be allowed into the music areas. You are allowed to bring in no more than ONE sealed water bottle per person in to the music venue area.

13. Beware of Counterfeit Tickets. Unless you purchase a Suwannee Hulaween ticket through the Suwannee Hulaween website, we can not guarantee your ticket is real. Please make sure if you do purchase a ticket from a friend or someone else, that it is a real ticket. Our office can assist you if you have any questions: 386-364-1683

14. Weather in North Florida Can Be Unpredictable. Come prepared for multiple weather situations ranging between hot, cold, dry, and wet!

15. Check out the Yoga Tent and Performance Art Workshop Schedule. Heal your mind, body, and soul at Suwannee Hulaween! Check out our extensive on-site activities happening right outside of Spirit Lake with our talented workshop instructors. We will have dance, flow, yoga, and meditation classes of all kind going on every day! Don't miss all of the activities we have to offer! Check the full schedule here.

16. Stay Connected & Informed On The Go with the Suwannee Hulaween App! Download the app now and have access to the full schedule, live stage information, the festival map, food vendors and more. Things change sometimes. Sometimes it’s festival performance slots. The app is the best way to be in the know! Available for iOS and Android.

17. Take #HulaweenFL Memories Home with You! The official festival and band merchandise tent is located on River Road across from the Amphitheater. A limited edition festival poster by Jeff Wood and Young & Sick will be available along with Suwannee Hulaween x Grassroots California Hats, t-shirts, crop tops, hoodies and more! Rep Suwannee Hulaween in style!

18. Fire Safety! Please be mindful that a fire ban may be in place when you arrive. This dry weather may affect your ability to host campfires this weekend. If someone from the park asks you to put it out, please listen. Park rules are made to keep everyone safe. If you are a smoker, please dispose of you cigarettes mindfully to prevent fires.

19. RFID Wristband Info. Wristbands must be worn at all times and they cannot be transferred to another person. If you lose your wristband, there is a replacement fee at the box office. Any wristband tampered with is considered void and you may be denied entry into the venue. If you are having issues with your wristband, RFID wristband assistance stations will be placed around the venue. Take a look at the map for these locations. Please bring your ID when you check in with our customer service crew.  

20. Shuttle Service. We offer a free hotel shuttles service that takes patrons to and from the festival site. You can also purchase a JAX airport shuttle pass that will get you from the airport to site or site to airport. Learn more about our shuttles here.

21. Don't lose your friends. Share your location with your friends via an app like Find My Friends. You can share indefinitely through the festival and turn it off after. This will make it easier to meet up with your friends - it's usually pretty accurate! 

22. Lost & Found. Our lost in found is at the Park Office, easily located on the Festival Map. If you tend to lose your phone, make a note on your phone with your name and a friend's phone number or a way to contact you. Screenshot that note and make it your lock screen.

23. Be Mindful of Your Costume. If you are planning to celebrate by dressing up in a costume at this year’s Hulaween, consider the impact your decision might have on others. If your costume is racially, ethnically, or culturally based, ask yourself why you are choosing to wear that costume. What message are you sending? What is your intent by wearing that costume, and what might the impact be?  If you do not belong to that group of people, we strongly encourage you to pick a different costume so as to respect and be inclusive toward all festival attendees. If you’d like to read more about this request, click here.

24. Golf Carts Reminders. If you bring your own Golf Cart to the Park or if you have a rental company deliver one to the Park, please be aware that you must show proof of insurance and pay the $200 Park Trail Fee in order to bring in and use the Golf Cart during the show.  All Golf Carts must be registered and receive credentialing at the Golf Cart Check In Box Office or after hours at the Overnight Gate.  No personal golf carts or rental carts are allowed in the Venue.  Only Production Staff andSafety personnel have authorization to bring Golf Carts into the Venue.

25. Smoking policy. Please no smoking at the stages or in front of the soundboard or any marked line.  Be mindful of your neighbors wishes too.

26. No Hammocks in Music Venue. We love hammocks, but at Suwannee Hulaween hammocks are not permitted inside the music venue, including the Amphitheater due to limited space.