Prohibited Items

No pets of any kind; service dogs are allowed with proof of current rabies vaccination

No weapons

No laser devices or pointers

No fireworks, luminaries (sky lanterns) or explosives 

No bikes allowed in the music venue areas

No illegal items

No unauthorized merchandise

No bottles of gas of any kind

No spray paint

No segways or motorized scooters

No imitation weapons of any kind, e.g. guns, knives, swords

No threatening signs or apparel

No drones, kites, or radio-controlled devices (If you are caught with a drone, it will be confiscated)

No hammocks in music venue areas

No professional grade cameras with a detachable lenses. Point and shoot only

No audio recording equipment/pro cameras/video equipment

No glass containers or outside food or beverages in the concert areas. Empty non-glass water bottles may be brought into the concert area (free tap water is available).  You are allowed to bring in ONE sealed water bottle per person. If you have special dietary or medical needs, please go by the Park Office.


Wristbands must be worn at all times and they cannot be transferred to another person.  If you lose your wristband, there is a replacement fee at the box office. Any wristband tampered with is considered void and you may be denied entry in to the venue.

Chairs will be permitted behind a specifically marked line in the meadow behind the soundboard. At the Amphitheater, please keep them behind Lake road.  

Totems MUST always be behind the soundboard at any stage

No unauthorized vending of goods or services or distribution of any items or literature

Medical Prescriptions must be in their original bottle with label attached. Your ID must match the name on the label. 

No disorderly, vulgar or abusive conduct or speech

Please do not litter -- please use the recycle bins and trash cans.  Please limit smoking to areas behind the soundboard, do not smoke near children, and extinguish your butts properly.

Please do not cut or damage the trees and other plants or place nails into trees

Campfires must be attended at all times -- only local firewood may be burned (no trash)

No commercial photography, audio recording, or videotaping. No flash photography in the concert areas