Camp Traction: Safe Haven for Sober Camping

At Suwannee Hulaween, we try our best to respect all of our patron's decisions and respect their will power to stay the course of sobriety. For those who would like to feel safer in a group of like-minded people who cherish and respect their own and each other's sobriety, there is a special camping space called Camp Traction. This is a safe haven for those who are sober and those who are doing the best to stay the course of sobriety. The camping area is located next to the Spirit of Suwannee cafe across from the Park's office. Please be sure to visit the park's office if you would like more information on Camp Traction, and we appreciate everyone that is coming to join us for the love of music.

Thank You, Suwannee Hulaween Team

NewsLeif Moravy